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"An absolutely moving and cleansing experience. I actually felt closer to God. I want my son to attend a workshop so that he can have the opportunity to have his own special experience. "

Nancy James, University Ombudsperson


"Patricia has a masterful leadership presence. She teaches with wisdom and confidence while providing safety and compassion. I highly recommend experiencing her offerings !"

Jill Fitzgerald, L.C.S.W.

"Patricia is a skilled and compassionate teacher whose work is valuable in raising one's awareness of emotions and how they can be used to improve one's quality of life. She helps people get in touch with their Authentic Self and fulfill their heart's desire."

Mary Debono, Certified Feldenkreis Practitioner

"Magic, loving, caring, sharing, learning, opening, accepted by horses and humans, laughter, good humor, camaraderie, and grounding."

Mary Jane Gray, Owner and Human Resource Consultant, Success by Design

"Great appreciation for your loving support and presence. I found a softer quieter place inside me, a place that was safe to be myself without judgment or criticism. It was one of the most rewarding workshops I have been to... I don't think I will ever forget the wonderful women, the horses and the 5-Star weekend." Jill Jarret

"My time with the horses was so meaningful. I was somewhat afraid and cautious in the beginning and by the end, I was touching the horses and felt an incredible connection. Patricia is knowledgable, patient, fun, and I always felt safe. A wonderful day!" Chris

"Having spent most of my life not being able to set boundaries and being energetically violated, it was deeply powerful to experience a respect and honoring from the horse in which I felt safe and able to not lose love in creating a clear boundary." (name withheld by request)

"I had an amazing experience working with the horses and with Patricia... I underestimated the power of the horses's energy, the power of my own manifestation, and the power of asking the universe for what I want... I am grateful for what I have been given." Adrian Brody

"The experience has given me a new respect and appreciation of how horses and humans truly connect. I'm not sure I will ever look at my horse in the same way."


"We all had a wonderful experience in the workshop and I think we each came away from it with a deeper understanding and acceptance of life. You have a beautiful gift and we thank you for sharing with us."

K.C., family group participant

I really appreciated you, the horses, the welcome, the food, the setting, and the wonderful people who shared the experience. It was very special for me.