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A unique offering of Equine Partners in Change is that all groups are limited to five individual participants. The small group creates a cohesive intimate experience and allows time for personal exploration and individual attention. Couples groups are limited to three.

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All workshops are offered in San Diego County unless otherwise indicated.
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Self-discovery through the Way of the Horse:

The Epona Approach

Experience the way horses elicit joy and authenticity. Explore the messages behind emotion, the power of intuition and non-verbal communication. Learn ways of deepening your connection with self and others through reflective work with horses. Learn to set healthy boundaries, practice mindful awareness, and discover your personal wisdom through the Way of the Horse.

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Materials, lunch, beverages, and snacks provided.

Two-day workshop:


  • CA BBS 14 c.e.u. credits
  • Call for Date and Times

Attending this session will meet the prerequisite for Epona Equestrian Services apprenticeship programs.

Testimonials for one and two day workshops


HORSES AND HEALING: Learn what horses have to teach us and our clients, and how even those in traditional practice can integrate lessons from the Way of the Horse in their work. By experiencing for themselves the power of horses to enhance awareness and elicit insights, clinicians leave the day with a personal appreciation and understanding of the healing potential of equine-assisted therapy. Six units for LCSW's and LMFT's in California, BBS Provider # PCE 4118.

  • Call for Date and Times
  • Individual c.e.u. course available by appointment

Cost: Includes lunch and materials

Comments from c.e.u. course participants:

"Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I can't remember when I've enjoyed myself so much while learning something new!" (Patricia Michals, LCSW, LMFT)

"Thank you so much. I walked away with a lot of good insight for myself personally and it was nice being at your special place. ..(the workshop was) a very good experience in body awareness, trust and relationship, and inter-species communication. You do great work!" (Judy Liu, LMFT) 

"Horses and Healing was a truly unique and valuable training. Whether you want to incorporate horses into your practice or not, there's rich material both personal and clinical to leave with. The training was a wonderful blend of theory and experience and facilitated a natural awareness of body and emotion, giving insight into the influence and interaction between both. A safe environment was created stressing attention to both the personal and interpersonal, the need for boundaries and the emotion and meaning behind them. I highly recommend this workshop for any therapist." (Sylvia Flanagan, LMFT)

"It was such a deepening experience for me.  I continue to integrate the insights in my personal work as I reference something happening currently to the feelings and experiences of the time with the wonderful horses.  Thank you for providing such a unique and healing experience." (name withheld by request)

"The fine attunement of the horse-human energy and what the horses revealed to me about myself was incredibly powerful." (Ellie Freedman, LMFT)

Relationships and Recovery: Learn to set boundaries and communicate effectively in relationships at work and home integrating the wisdom of the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and other recovery programs.

  • Individual and couples counseling appointments available by request

Navigating Life Transitions: Learn to adapt to changes in life with grace, self-compassion and inner peace.

  • Offered by request

Understanding Our Horses, Understanding Ourselves: Strengthen the relationship with your horse through respectful communication and mutual trust. Through the Epona Approach, discover the power of authenticity and consensual leadership. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Medicine Horse Sessions: Discover the wisdom of Epona's Way of the Horse cards to gain insight into life challenges. Telephone consultations available as well as on site.

Coaching by Appointment:

As an executive coach, Patricia has worked with many corporations to empower leaders and their teams to reach business targets in a way that builds morale and camaraderie. Half-day and one-day individual intensives and group workshops are available by appointment.

As a life coach, Patricia guides individuals, couples, and families in assertiveness, communication enhancement, and relationship enrichment.

Phone: (619) 443-9210 or (619) 322-6273