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When people spend time in the gentle and sensitive presence of horses, we are inevitably altered in heart, mood, and awareness.
Insights come and a sense of peace arises.

Through the guided process of equine facilitated experiential learning, horses provide a mirror, a reflection of our own inner state of being. As prey animals, horses are exquisitely sensitive and ever aware, using emotion as information. Horses are always congruent, acting as they feel, demonstrating the power of authenticity and honesty in relationships. These are among the many lessons they teach us.

At Equine Partners in Change (EPIC) you will interact with horses on the ground using the Epona Approach™, and no previous horse experience is necessary. All activities are done with an Epona Advanced Approved Instructor and a skilled horse handler to provide safety and support for participants. About Us

Workshops and individual coaching appointments are offered in coping with change and life transitions, as well as relationship enhancement and personal growth.