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About Us - Equine Partners in Change

Patricia Cameron Vitiello, L.C.S.W., corporate/life coach and Epona Advanced Approved Instructor in San Diego has advised individuals, couples, families, and corporations since 1972. During her 38 year career, Patricia has gained experience in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, parole and community services, hospice, eating disorders and substance abuse treatment. As a corporate consultant Patricia has worked in diverse industries with all levels of employees. She has had horses in her animal family for twenty-five years and worked in her teens on a Wyoming cattle ranch. Her combined years of experience working in professional counseling/consulting and with horses provides a strong foundation for facilitating her clients’ experiential learning and personal growth.


Robert Vitiello is one of EPIC's horse handlers and an Epona Instructor Partner. He has cared for the Vitiello family horses for over 20 years.

Robbyn Smith joined the team in 2009 to assist with handling horses and provide support in workshops. She has 20 years history facilitating family and personal growth groups and has training in mediation and stress management. Robbyn lives her life holistically, understanding, believing, and practicing the mind-body-spirit connection. She has 2 horses of her own at home who have been great teachers. Robbyn works as a Public Safety Dispatcher for the Morro Bay Police and Fire Departments.

Patricia partners with other equine professionals in California and in Texas to provide a variety of equine experiential learning workshops. Fellow Epona Instructors Deanna Chamberlin, PhD, and Allison Sinclair, LMFT, are pictured here with Patricia and Linda Kohanov at their Epona graduation ceremony several years ago. Together these three Instructors offer workshops with a unique combination of clinical skills, leadership training, and horsemanship embedded in the Epona Approach.
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epona graduation ceremony

With our equine partners and the beautiful natural setting of EPIC, we create a safe place for participants to explore feelings, master change, enhance personal relationships, and discover one's authentic self.

EPIC is located on 2.5 acres in the peaceful community of Eucalyptus Hills in east San Diego County, 30 minutes from downtown and the airport. We also offer appointments at a second location in Descanso, California.

Anadene and Patricia dancing